We help our customers to imagine new customer interactions, provide direct support, handle customer complaints and invite them to participate in an interactive dialogue.

We develop campaigns based on audience statistics and we analyze each step after interaction in order to map buying behavior and determine the best indicators to purchase your product/service. Through consumer analysis and a tailored content strategy, we develop proactive content to achieve the ideal level of customer engagement and create brand advocates.

Transform your social networks into true customer service with short response times and a high satisfaction rate. We deliver a personalized and branded customer experience, we increase customer value and have the potential to build a long term relationship through omnichannel integration combined with the communication skills of our social network analysts.

A long term customer relationship

Do you know the theory of the nose in the handlebar? Nothing very magical. After months and years of working on your brand, your vision sometimes tends to become blurred.

By outsourcing the management of your social networks, you give way to a new perspective. With its hindsight, CM sees what you don't always see. On which platforms is it relevant to be present? How often should you publish? What's "working" right now? So many questions and concerns to which a social networking professional will have the answers and solutions.

Community Manager

You don't even realize how much time can be spent responding to each other's private messages and comments. If you want a social media presence that rocks, it's something that needs to be managed full-time. Otherwise, your brand will end up like an empty shell in the ocean of social networks.

You know, when you come across a Facebook page whose last post was made last... Christmas. The Community Manager guarantees you a constant animation and update of your community, whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others.

Interaction on social networks

By outsourcing, you benefit from increased flexibility and control your costs by using a CM only when you need it. Goodbye salary and employer's charges!

We are not going to lie to each other, animating a community has the objective of increasing your sales (even if it is indirect). The closer your audience feels to your brand, the more they want to consume your products and services and the more likely they are to speak well about it to those around them. All this is good for your company's image!

It's our way of making every social network interaction a unique opportunity.

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