Lead generation is a process of generating interest from potential customers in order to increase future sales. This is a critical step in the sales process for many businesses. Our main mission is to stimulate the marketing strategy of our clients and accelerate their growth.

The lead generation is supported by a team of more than 30 consultants specializing in information solutions, initially trained in project detection and qualification. Our goal is to be the bridge between companies looking for an IT solution, and solution providers that specifically cover their needs.

Today, customers have access to multiple sources of information. They can research social media, blogs, search engines, or other online channels and learn all about a product before even contacting a company representative. The sales cycle will continue to evolve thanks to these new innovative technologies.


Set up a personalized conquest strategy by using web marketing techniques adapted to generate new prospects: SEA, affiliation, display, social networks ... Assist prospects in their reflection with automatic and personalized mechanisms: e-mailing, marketing automation…

The benefits for you:
  • Generate more leads
  • Follow and support your prospects in their buying journey
  • Convert your cold leads into hot leads


To improve the conversion rate, set up a real pre-sales strategy: analyze your existing data, identify your target contacts and decision-makers, qualify your databases using digital or telemarketing actions. Over time, your mastery of data will allow you to segment and score your prospects for increased efficiency.

The benefits for you:
  • Identify new opportunities earlier in the sales process
  • Improve the quality of your leads
  • Qualify and segment your databases


Generalize and industrialize your appointment booking to take charge of your prospects immediately after an internet request, or when their project is mature. Engage your prospects at the right time and gain in sales efficiency and speed.

The benefits for you:
  • Increase the transformation rates of your sales teams while saving them time
  • Prioritize the hottest prospects
  • Convert your cold leads into hot leads


Generate additional sales quickly, thanks to a remote sales force during operations "punch" for launches or promotions or receptions and entering orders. Use telephone techniques, screen sharing to personalize the long distance relation.

The benefits for you:
  • Sign new contracts
  • Boost your commercial actions
  • Offer your customers better service by immediately processing their orders

We use the latest technologies to guarantee our customers the effectiveness of lead generation, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more!

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