Hosteur offers:

  • Recognized know-how
  • Expert teams
  • An overlay of technology
  • An agile implementation

We offer you to control, filter and moderate the content published on your website, social media pages and forums to protect your brand and your communities. Whether you need a 24/7 service, during evenings and weekends, or on a more ad hoc basis, our moderators help you protect your brand image according to the moderation guidelines we define together.

Build the confidence and satisfaction of your customers and increase your sales with online content tailored to your customers' expectations and continuously updated.

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Animation of communities

  1. Get to know your customers and prospects better, find new employees and preserve your brand image. 4 million messages generated each month.
  2. Social networks / SMS / Chat: writing, adding profiles, replying to publications, validating and moderating messages, validating photo tags
  3. Blogs / Forums: avatar management, publicity, adding profiles

Content aggregation

  • Gather information to enrich and animate your website
  • E-commerce sites: updating of product catalogs, referencing of deals
  • Information sites: reformulation, synthesis, updating
  • Databases: technological, marketing and competitors monitoring

Moderation of content and images

  • Control of your brand image and moderation of the comments of your Internet users
  • Blogs / Forums: texts, photos, profiles, content, attachments, posting of articles
  • SMS / Chat: conversations, profiles, photos, video Chat
  • Intermediation platforms: texts, photos, profiles

Content enrichment

  • Enrichment and updating of your existing contents in a punctual or daily way in order to improve the readability of your website.
  • Databases: catalogs, profiles, directories, web publications, contact search
  • Texts: reformulation, synthesis, update
  • Images and videos: indexing, tagging, transcription

Writing and posting

  • Writing quality content to effectively promote your business
  • Texts: drafting of texts, synthesis, spell checking, grammar and syntax, description of products or services, conversion of documents
  • Images: cutting, cropping, formatting, conversion
  • Videos: editing, capture, uploading

Hosteur makes every effort to answer your questions and satisfy your requests. Do not hesitate to use our contact form to get more information about our services!

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