Commercial outsourcing consists for a company in entrusting a specialized external partner such as HOSTEUR with all or part of a function, either previously carried out internally, or already outsourced or newly created.

The main benefits of outsourcing:

  • A way to increase performance, improve quality and standardize processes.
  • Assets in terms of differentiation and is a gas pedal of change.
  • Brings you flexibility, control and cost measurement with a strategic vision!
  • Allows you to focus your thinking and investments on your core business.

All functions are concerned and from now on, commercial outsourcing is no longer an exception. Companies no longer hesitate to delegate, to a well-selected partner, the commercial visit of their customers even if the intensity of the service is high and the expected added value is important.

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Why choose Hosteur?

Hosteur accompanies you in your existing sales program or you can use our CallBoost programs as a turnkey and autonomous solution. You can match and combine the solutions that best meet your needs to ensure that your company improves its business results while providing an excellent customer experience.

Hosteur also offers analytical and strategic solutions to ensure that your customer acquisition programs meet your sales objectives. These include customer journey mapping, alignment of solutions to customer profile types, behavioral targeting, predictive or marketing analysis, dynamic agent scripting and call routing.

Grow your business with Hosteur's extensive sales program. Our high-tech, high-touch approach combines emotional intelligence with technology for higher conversion rates, fewer escalations and higher revenue per call, resulting in an improved quality shopping experience for your customers.

Benefit from our know-how of more than 10 years and our international presence to carry out your projects successfully

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