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Originating from a need to create value and performance, the outsourcing of HR activities consists, for a company, in partially or totally separating from an activity carried out internally, to the benefit of a specialized service provider. This delegation is generally accompanied by a multi-year contract and a commitment to results in terms of costs, quality, deadlines and accessibility of services.

Of course, this is by no means a question of replacing staff already in place, but rather of outsourcing non-strategic activities. The main challenge is to free up the company's time, so that it can focus on its core business, obtain a gain in responsiveness and productivity, have access to new skills and control its own budget.

Identification of activities to be outsourced for human resources outsourcing.

The decision to outsource one or more HR functions is always a strategic choice. Today, remuneration, recruitment and training are the main tasks outsourced by most companies. Indeed, it is important to identify which activities to outsource in order to optimise the company's own resources. The 4C rule clearly addresses this issue. This method is an opportunity to determine whether the task is :

- Complex, i.e. if it requires technicality as well as particular skills that may or may not be easily acquired.

- Time-consuming, i.e. if it requires a relatively high processing time for low added value.

- Critical, or in other words if it has a high degree of importance for the company, particularly at the strategic level, such as in the case of strictly confidential and risky information.

- Circumscribed, i.e. whether it is shared by many players in the company or focused in a single specific department.

Once the determination of the activities to be outsourced is completed, the identification of the provider(s) to collaborate with is an important step for successful outsourcing. Know-how, skills and fees are all factors to be taken into account to optimize the chances of success.

Consequently, the establishment of a steering committee responsible for monitoring the missions granted to the partners selected in advance would be required. A multitude of equally profitable reasons push companies to outsource part or all of their HR function. Their main motivation revolves around saving on overhead costs and optimising the available resources.

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