Hosteur is the result of an unprecedented association between cutting-edge CRM tools and the human skills of its call centers. The mastery of these skills enables us to offer you tailor-made services to manage your customer relations, whatever the size and problems of your company.

Hosteur's strength also lies in its ability to mobilize teams to manage your emergency within these centers. A proven organization and recognized efficiency around a unified outsourcing system allows us to set up an operation in less than 24 hours.

Thus, we can provide, among other things, technical support, user reception or call redistribution, with multilingual capability as an option. To guarantee sustainable access to resources and high-performance, innovative services, Hosteur relies on its international network of outsourcing centers.


Located in north Africa, this French-speaking country offers a wide spectrum of educated and highly motivated specialists. University degrees in Tunisia are internationally recognized and provide executives up to the highest standards.


A member country of the European Union since 2007, Bulgaria is attracting more and more companies looking for outsourcing. The ease of access, the skilled workforce and the work culture similar to that of Western Europe rank the country among the preferred destinations for investors.


Second official language on the island, French is spoken by a large part of the Malagasy people. Also at ease with English, which was an official language between 2007 and 2010, the country's executives are attracting more and more foreign investors. Madagascar today offers a great ethnic and cultural diversity and offers a lot of opportunities.


Today, the majority of French companies that use outsourcing call upon French service providers. Take full advantage of the benefits of outsourcing thanks to a strategic choice through our offices located in France.


High technology flourishes in the heart of New York! That's why we have a team of experienced professionals in a New York City office to meet the needs of small and medium businesses to manage day-to-day IT operations.


We have several subsidiaries and divisions all dedicated to supporting companies in Africa in identifying the challenges of their customer relationships. A call center in Togo offers companies the possibility to outsource all or part of their sales, marketing, customer service ... and all at the best price and in a flexible manner.

It's our way of making every social network interaction a unique opportunity.

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