Hosteur offers you its back-office service and the improvement of your processes, we can help you optimize costs while improving the customer experience and the perception of your brand.

This approach has brought value to hundreds of programs around the world. Our experience allows us to know what customers are looking for.

We offer customized back-office solutions to meet different demands. Every day, we learn from the challenges we face and share our knowledge with our partners so that they can satisfy their customers.

Thanks to our transparent process between back-office and front-office operations we will lead you to better quality and efficiency. We are able to design an implementation strategy to drive your operations by seizing the best opportunities offered by outsourcing.

Back-office processes are non-customer-focused business activities that generally concern a company's administrative functions as well as its commercial operations. Even if they are considered less important than "front office" operations, back-office operations are still essential for a company.


Because of the advantages related to the control of labor costs and the speed of execution of services, back office outsourcing also and especially offers the opportunity for large companies to improve their productivity, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Service provider

Indeed, most offshore providers specializing in back-office outsourcing offer customized BPO solutions to enable large enterprises to further strengthen, accentuate and optimize the various customer service interactions, while generating maximum revenue. To this end, back office outsourcing can contribute to the success of large companies by enabling them to generate considerable and tangible growth for customers.


Thanks to its many years of experience in the sector, Offshore Development has been able to satisfy a large number of large companies by finding them the best service providers who know how to perfectly meet their needs, by providing them with the appropriate "back-office outsourcing" solutions.

We use the latest technologies to guarantee our customers efficient back-office operations.

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