Hosteur helps companies integrate chat with existing customer interaction channels to create an advanced digital customer experience.

Chat is becoming the world's preferred channel of interaction, along with voice and email. Increasingly, real-time conversations and interactions with service agents in chat windows have become the norm. Today, many of the world's largest and best-known brands offer chat as one of the main channels for customer engagement.

Available anytime, anywhere, and offering quick responses to customer requests with less waiting time, chat is well suited to handle complex products/services that may raise questions from customers.

An optimization of your customer relationship

Online chat is an excellent customer service channel that can be outsourced. It eliminates the need for perfect English speakers. The advent of translation software improves the intelligibility of the conversation regardless of the language spoken.

But an increase in the popularity of live chat support can lead to several important challenges, such as a high volume of conversations, long lineups, and agents that have to handle multiple chat conversations all at once.

The human, ally of the machine and vice versa

Live chat is often a key component of a multi-channel customer service strategy that requires tight integration with other channels to be effective.

Most experts agree that companies should take a relentless focus on the multi-channel customer experience and apply it to live chat. Combine that with a little creativity, and great things can happen.

Our outsourced chat support solutions

In conclusion, chat outsourcing will allow you to respond to various issues such as responding to a need for support on your website, but also to reduce costs or to manage off-hours while relying on agents specialized in customer management.

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