We offer welcome calls, non-voice outsourcing services (SMS, Mail), primary and third party collection services, and primary and secondary collection services.

Hosteur helps you recover payments efficiently and develop stronger customer relationships.

Our customer collection management teams quickly communicate with customers in debt, identify the cause of the debt and implement an emergency payment plan consistent with your customer service strategies.

We offer first and third party services, incorporating a wide range of cost and service options that take full advantage of national and international labour markets. In addition, we are able to manage accounts throughout the business cycle with our dedicated cashier.

At a time when the financial health of companies is constantly fluctuating, when cash constraints appear vital, running a company without invoicing means depriving yourself of a source of financing. With the increase in payment deadlines, the collection activity will, more than ever, have to be considered as an extension of the customer relationship. It will thus have to be handled internally or externally with the sole and unique objective of protecting the customer relationship and guaranteeing future business relations.

Outsource debt collection

Decreasing trade margins and late payments deteriorate the cash position of companies and threaten their financial equilibrium. Collecting receivables on time and securing its assets by internal or external means, even before conquering new markets, has become a high priority for companies. In order to avoid struggling with calculators, rates and deadlines to be taken into account, Hosteur is a platform that not only calculates late payment penalties but also helps companies to recover their unpaid invoices.

Outsourcing is not a risk-free approach.

The debt collection process can be carried out internally or can be entrusted in part or entirely to a specialized partner. This procedure is regulated and must be carried out by a professional in the field (lawyers, bailiffs, credit insurers) or a collection company. Outsourcing can be done at all stages of collection: from amicable (including white label), pre-litigation to litigation/judicial. The customer relationship is a company's most valuable asset. This is why it is very important to know the advantages and disadvantages before entrusting the management of the collection process to an external service provider.

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